Pietrandrea Carta


Pietrandrea Carta welcomes me in his jewelry shop with warmth and a big smile. All around me, on the window shelves, 60’s style, amazing works of art are displayed. Light and elaborate filigree earrings and necklaces made with the traditional Sardinian techniques. The drawings are original and unique. The execution is perfect in every detail. Pierandrea is a third-generation goldsmith, and maintains the family tradition of filigree work at the highest level.

Behind the showroom there is a tiny room with two desks. This is Pitrandrea’s kingdom! Here with small tools and special magnifying glasses he can shape the raw metal into a perfect work of art. His hands move slowly and carefully because even the smallest vacillation can ruin the work. Concentration, patience, ability and a lot of passion are the basis of his art. The satisfaction and pride in his eyes, when he shows me the completed object, speak for themselves!

A feather in the family’s cap is the Sant’Efisio crown. Saint Efisio is the protector of Cagliari and every year the statue wearing the elaborate stone and gold crown made by Pietrandrea’s father, leads a stunning procession.

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