Andrea Matrone, wine maker.

Andrea Matrone an innovative wine maker.

Andrea Matrone defines himself as a “Vesuvian” man. He was born and raised in a small village in the Vesuvius National Park where his family’s land is situated at the foot of this famous and dangerous volcano. Since the 18th Century the Matrones have been cultivating vineyards to make wine and have been really fond of their territory. This is evidenced by a well-known engraving by Filippo Morgehri taken from a drawing of Ignazio Vernet which represents the lava erupting from Mount Vesuvius in 1751 onto a vast area defined as “ Matrone’s land”. At the end of the 1800’s the engineer Gennaro Matrone planned and built the “Matrone trail” which connects the village of Boscotrecase to the Volcano’s crater which is still in use today. Andrea with a degree in oenology and work experience from Sicily to New Zealand and Australia to California decided to come back to his homeland. Together with his cousin Francesco Matrone, a notary with a passion for viticulture they decided to give a new life to their family’s vineyard creating “Cantine Matrone”. Andrea combines his knowledge with the respect of his territory and brought innovation in the traditional way of planting vineyards here. He started to replant his grandfather’s
vineyard at “alberello”using the same techniques used on Mount Etna. He is a real dreamer but with his feet firmly planted on the ground!

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