Annangela Lovallo


Annangela goes against the grain by making a living from embroidery, which for many, nowadays, is only a hobby. With incredible talent and passion, she enhances this craft, embellishing it and creating minute works of art. Annangela is also a welcoming and sweet person. A wonderful breakfast with local pastries was ready for us in her workshop when we arrived. She was so proud of showing us her world…laces, embroideries, colored ribbons and wires, elaborate compositions made only with needle and thread were all around us…You can feel her passion and care, her eyes were shining…. having dedicated all her life to building this almost magical kingdom where she and her smiling mother spend their days creating amazing works of arts. Watching them sitting next to each other with a silent complicity was almost moving. Annangela sees her mother as a master since she learned this art from her but she was able to innovate and re-invent it. “Never forget your roots and learn from the old traditions”, she says but add your personal touch and new ideas, that’s her secret!

To me, she represents passion with a capital P! Her life is one with her art, so amazing!

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