Antonio Saluzzi.


Antonio Saluzzi certainly has art running through his veins. He started with music, graduating from the conservatory in bass tuba, then he chose, going against the grain, to abandon music to devote himself to crafts. In the Lucanian town where he lives and works, Acerenza, he works as an apartment decorator, mounts tapestries, frames and creates frescoes on vaults and walls. But his true passion always remains art. Antonio has in fact embarked on an incredible journey as a sculptor and smelter. He uses the ancient techniques of casting metals, with only earth and coals, dating back to the times of the Greeks and Romans. Complex techniques, now in disuse, which require the study of metals before their processing. Antonio seems possessed by the sacred touch of art that first disrupts the interior and then, through his hands and a few other self-built tools, takes shape and comes to life. And therein lies the great surprise: a craftsman who transforms himself into an artist or an artist who becomes an artisan if necessary. Even if he feels neither one nor the other. Seeing him at work in his small space, even a little rudimentary, is exciting … he immerses himself completely in a sequence of actions that have little to do with art as we are familiar with but then the result confirms his great ability and artistic strength.


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