Aron Demetz

Aron Demetz, the wood poet

Aron Demetz is probably one of the most acclaimed contemporary artists. He was born and raised in South Tyrol, a small place in the Dolomites enclosed by forests. Being surrounded by nature and wilderness led him almost naturally to woodcraft, an art practiced by many around him.
He became increasingly aware of the expressive and artistic power of this material and decided to become a wood carver. Aron has a predilection for human figures and expressions, interpreted and experimented through different techniques. He starts by sawing forms out of huge trunks and blocks of cedar, maple or walnut with a chainsaw. Then he proceeds to carve the wood and to add details to the statues. Grinding, sanding or gouging, he creates different structures in the ‘skin’ of the statue or adds materials such as resin. His creativity is highlighted in the choice of ever new materials, each material contains an “inner suffering” that Aran from time to time frees or increases. He is particularly fond of wood.
wood and bronze on which he experiments with the natural processes of transformation of matter (combustion, oxidation, onset of fungi) by placing human intervention in the form of the natural action of time on matter, a metaphor for the transformations that time operates on man.

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