Chef Gigi Cassan

A world-class chef.

Meeting Gigi Cassan was a truly pleasant experience, firstly, because he is an easy-going person albeit very earnest and thorough when he is working. Secondly, because he had me try a lot of good food, and I love good food! He invited us to his cozy and classy restaurant where we had a delicious “Frittura” (mixed fried fish) and exquisite “Pasta al nero di seppia” all accompanied by a glass of great white wine. . . I know our job can be really hard sometimes! We also filmed him making other recipes such as zucchini flowers filled with shrimp and ricotta and of course somebody had to try them. It’s rude not to!!! At the Ballo dell Associazione Internazionale del Carnevale, even if Gigi was really busy with dinner for all the guests, still came to us to have us taste all his dishes. It was so kind of him and all so tasty! If you plan to do an event in Venice, Gigi is the right person to ask!



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