Claudio Pinchi: Organ Builder

Giving the past a timeless voice.

Claudio Pinchi is a renowned organ builder and restorer. He follows his family tradition in the craft of organ manufacturing which originated in the Middle Ages. Meeting Claudio was a real pleasure. He can bring a thousand year old organ back to life, and give a Church like the San Vitale in Assisi the soulful sound it was missing all along. Not only is he a very passionate and talented organ maker, he is also a lovely person. Claudio is friendly, welcoming, and easy-going, and we have a great time working together. His dedication to build a new organ for the town of Norcia, which was destroyed by the earthquake, was truly moving. He told me “A church without an organ is like a person without a voice.” That’s the real Italy!

See Claudio Pinchi’s work here: Claudio’s Website



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