Enrico Rufini: Doctor and chef

Artist and scientist

You could use Enrico as the perfect example of the definition of eclectic or multifaceted. In fact, he is a specialist in andrology, dietologist, chef, artist, and writer of cookbooks and is good at everything he does! Probably because he has dedicated to all of them his passion, devotion, and of course a lot of study and training. Even if he has all these talents, he is surprisingly modest and easy going. Enrico is also sharp and ironic and is really pleasant to spend time with. Needless to say that, when we stayed in his magnificent “agriturismo”, he and his wife treated us as if we were their special guests. They cooked amazing dishes for us and offered us great wines…We are still in touch and sometimes we meet in Rome for a chat or a dinner! If you are going to visit Umbria, their place is an amazing location to spend at least a couple of days.


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