Florian Rabanser

Florian Rabanser and the Zu Plun

Florian considers himself as the alchemist from the Dolomites. The ingredients of his story are made of rocks, ice, herbs essence and passion. His craftsmanship combined with research and intense natural scents create unique products such as the Zu Plun Gin which is distilled with 24 alpine herbs, lemon from Garda Lake and elderflower.
The herbs typically used in the production of gin are replaced or integrated with herbs grown in the Dolomites after an accurate study carried out by the local chemist. The secret that lies behind the high quality of the product is easy to explain: wild plants and herbs growing in the area of Schlern Mountain and the indispensable lemon zest from Garda Lake. In the past, the company was part of the property of the Hauenstein Castle and was therefore owned by no less than poet Oswald von Wolkenstein. Yet not even his vivid fantasy might have imagined that world-class and internationally famous fine spirits and fruit liqueurs would be born here, 1000 metres above sea level.
There are other distillates produced in their Zu Plun distillery, all made with care and quality ingredients…taste to believe!


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