Gino Seguso

A glass legacy.

Gino Seguso is a classy and sweet gentleman, one who is so rare these days! He was the first person I contacted when Passion Italy was still only an idea. I told him that I wanted to do a story about his father and he was delighted to help! He trusted me even if at that time, I couldn’t promise him anything since it was the first part of episode zero.

I am still really grateful to Gino for his patience, generosity, and all the time he spent with me. His story has always been one of my favorites because of the way he talks, it sounds like poetry. I could listen to his stories about his father, and all the works that are displayed in his museum for hours. His love for his father and the passion he has is resounded in every sentence. He is really a great person. We still write emails to each other and stay in touch. That’s one of the things I love about doing Passion Italy, I have the opportunity to meet incredible people!



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