Giorgio Boscolo

A true craftsman.

Giorgio Boscolo arrived at our meeting spot, the local bar on Chioggia’s main corso, smoking his own hand made pipe as his steel blue sweater reflected the northern Italian sun’s light. I couldn’t get it wrong, that was my man! He was reserved yet so welcoming and he knows everything about pipes! He has a unique way of sharing the history of Chioggia through his handcrafted pipes, one that allowed me to gain a new perspective, which I always find interesting. My father, who is a pipe addict, bought his first ceramic pipe from Giorgio’s shop. Giorgia is fascinated with ceramics because he credits them as mankind’s oldest art form, and he keeps the tradition alive today by adapting the ancient manufacturing techniques from the 17th Century. Now, his pipes are refined in shapes and colors and thanks to Giorgia the pipes are gaining back their fame! He even gave me one of his creations for my father who happens to always lose them around the house. Giorgio views the art of smoking as a romantic concept, one which is poetic to him and the people he creates pipes for.



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