Luthier Antonio Dattis

An alchemist and luthier.

Antonio is a rare creature and his passion is contagious! He built his first violin when he was 7 years old, carving it from a chocolate box without ever seeing a real one. Now he creates instruments of unique beauty and it’s difficult not to fall in love with his incredible art. He is inspired by certain shapes from the Middle Ages to the late 1700s and his affinity for wood allows him to create even the most complex of instruments with true craftsmanship. When Antonio builds an instrument, you can feel the magic in the air as he gives a voice to long lost instruments. Every time he comes to Rome we meet for a coffee or lunch and it is always a pleasure for me to listen to his new achievements! Watch him work and take a look at his magical workshop in the Puglia Episode.

See Antonio Dattis’s latest instruments and art pieces here: Antonio’s Website



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