Peppino Campanella: Artist and Designer

A modern light worker.

Peppino’s workshop that overlooks the Adriatic sea is the most beautiful spot in Polignano. The team and I spent the entire day in his workshop and he even invited us to his home for an intimate lunch. It was wonderful to meet his family and get to get to know him, beyond his work.

I love his amazing lamps and the way he can transform any piece of glass into a work of art. Watching him work is magical; as he perfectly places hundreds of pieces of glass to build a lamp. He truly embodies what it means to be a sustainable artist, leaving no piece of glass to waste.

The blue sea turtle lamp, which you see in the Puglia episode, is my favorite. I am definitely going to buy one, at least for my studio!

Check out Peppino’s latest work here: Peppino’s Website



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