Raffaele Dessi

A dancer and historian.

Raffaele is an amazing character. He is incredibly talented and never ceases to surprise me. He dances, he writes (now even screenplays for documentaries), he knows everything about classical music, and he organizes events and so much more… it is difficult to find something that Raffaele can’t do! And he does it well; always smiling and with so much passion. Without Raffaele, the Venice episode would not have been the same. He was really helpful and thanks to him I met Gigi Cassan, the wonderful chef.

Even though Raffaele is from Sardinia, he captures the true Venetian spirit in our episode. His love for this city and its culture is inspiring.

Now when I come back to Venice, where my father was born and I where have relatives, I know that I also have friends. Raffaele, his wife, and his friends will be there, ready to dine together, enjoy a conversation, and share our common interests and the love we have for the magical city of Venice.



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