The Lunardi brothers.


Two brothers, one passion: baking.

Massimilano and Riccardo grew up as they say, breathing the scent of baked bread coming from the family bakery. Since they were kids, they were immersed in this fabulous world made of cakes, all kinds of bread, biscuits and sweets, helping out their father. They learned all the little tricks and secrets for making the best bread in town. They use a live yeast that their grandfather passed on to their father and which they still use looking after it with the same care and love you would give to a baby.  This yeast is also the base of their panettone , a leavened cake which is traditional in Italy at Christmas time! We can say that Riccardo Is the mind and Massimiliano the hands. Riccardo studies and travels around to find new ingredients and inspiration to make new recipes or improve the existing ones. Massimiliano with his ability knows how to make them real! That’s how they gave life to one of the most tempting and rich biscuits: the “Chocolate Cantucci”. The chocolate enhances the base of this delicious traditional biscuit made with almonds. Nobody can resist it!

More than the delicacies in their bakery, what I will remember of my meeting with Riccardo and Massimiliano is their mutual affection and support. When asked about their relationship and how it is working together they both got moved….How can you possibly not adore them?!!!

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