Vincenzo Di Simone: Master Majolica Craftsman

Keep the fire burning.

Vincenzo and his son Antonio are both so hospitable in their own unique ways. Antonio took care of us as if we were part of his family. He even opened his cozy and picturesque little restaurant for us where the chef cooked us some delicious local specialties. Once a year, he lights up the ancient wood kiln to keep the old-time memory alive and to bake his clay work for 24 hours. The atmosphere was really special as the fire lit up the room made of local stone. Vincenzo also wanted us to experience the kiln in the central square and he spent all day out in the cold to make sure he was ready for us at sunset. He walked with me around the village of Castelli to show me how the town was built using tile fragments and also to share the long history his art has. Hearing Vincenzo and Antonio share their passion and enthusiasm was an unforgettable experience. We are still in contact and we will certainly see each other again!



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