Canale Monterano

Canale Monterano is set in a natural park, not far from Bracciano Lake. The ghost village retains a mysterious charm, almost magical. The Roman aqueduct, the first tour defense, tumbledown palaces count of an old and troubled history which dates back to the Etruscan time. Since the 2nd century, the Romans took over. Thanks to them the road network was implemented and new structures, including the aqueduct, were built. The village was then almost completely abandoned to become in the 4th century A.C. the most important center in the area until the 10th century. For over 200 years noble families quarreled continuously for the feud. The Colonna was also in between them, but it was under the Altieri that Monterano lived years of real splendor. The Baroccan taste is evident. The great master Bernini designed the fountain and the church of San Bonaventura surrounded by natural columns. In 1770 the plague decimated most of the population. Destroyed by the French in 1799 it was definitively abandoned.. and the vegetation took over. Today it is a perfect place for a day trip from Rome.

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