Melfi, Basilicata.

The Medieval city and its castle.

Melfi is a perfect place to stop and drink in the charm and fascinating history of this region. Powerful walls built by the Norman encircle the old city and it is considered one of the most important Medieval castles in Southern Italy It is, in fact, the only one of its kind in Southern Italy.

The imposing Castle looms above the ancient Medieval city center. From here the view stretches for miles on the surrounding hills coated in vineyards. It is said to be the emperor Frederik II’s favorite residence. Here, in 1231, he issued the famous “Constitutions of Melfi”, a legal code that regulated feudal rights.

Its construction, at least the components still visible, dates back to Norman time, commissioned by Robert Guiscard and has undergone significant changes over time, especially under the House of the Anjou and the and the Crown of Aragon. Its impressive ten towers – seven with rectangular design and three with pentagonal design – will immediately catch the visitor’s eye. The castle has four entrances: three of them date back to the Angevins’ period and one, built by the Doria family, is linked to the village through a bridge that once was a drawbridge. Through the door you enter into the beautiful main courtyard, overlooked by the baronial palace and the family chapel. On the ground floor of the castle, you can visit the Archaeological Museum of Melfi, which houses an important collection of archaeological documents found in the area.


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