Palazzo Borghese, Florence

A Neoclassical gem

Only a few steps from the Duomo, right in the heart of the city there is an unexpected architectural wonder: Palazzo Borghese Aldobrandini. It is one of the few examples in Florence of neoclassic style architecture.Once inside, the beauty and the grandeur really struck the visitor.The Palace dates back to the 15th century, when the Salviati brothers unified 3 buildings into a single one.Maybe for the noble family it wasn’t big enough since, the century after, they entrusted a second complete renovation to the architect Gherardo Silvani. The palace then became propriety of the roman family Borghese and after the marriage between Pauline Bonaparte and the prince Camillo. The rich Prince renovated the building once again turning it into one of the most celebrated palaces in Florence at that time and rare example of interior’s pomp. From the imposing staircase to Mirror Room and the Monumental Gallery everything is magnificent and rich. The gallery, two hundred square meters long, is upholstered with a multitude of refined frescoes, stuccos, bas-reliefs, statues, columns and draperies antique objects inspired by the ancient mythology, carried out by the finest painters of the time such as Gasparo Martellini, Casper Bargioni. Luigi Catani, Nicola Benvenuti and Nicola Fedi. Camillo opened the palace with a memorable party on the 31th of January 1822. After the Prince Borghese’s death, the Palace was inherited by other Florentine families and since 1843 it hosts the “Casino di Firenze”, one of the first Italian clubs and it became also the magic setting for every kind of special events.

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