Rome: Palazzo Colonna

It is one of the oldest and largest private palaces in Rome.
Its construction, commissioned by the Colonna family, started in the 14th century and took over five centuries to complete. This led to the overlapping of different architectural styles according to the different epochs of  construction both of the interiors and exteriors of the palace.

The Colonna family dates back to the 12th century and comes from the small town of Colonna, near Rome,  hence the name . The family still has been resident in this palace for 8 centuries.

One of the family members: Oddone Colonna, was elected Pope under the name of Martin V in 1417 and the Palace became the Pontifical Seat until his death in 1431.

Because of the good relationship between the family and Emperor Charles V, the palace was spared from destruction in 1527 during the sack of Rome, and offered protection to more than three thousand Roman citizens.
Throughout the 1600s, the Palace gained its Baroque look thanks to the works of great architects and artists such as Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Antonio del Grande, Carlo Fontanain among others. The majestic Galleria Colonna was constructed at the same time. The gallery, 76 meters long, is a Roman Baroque jewel and hosts the family’s Art Collections. Masterpieces of absolute excellence painted by leading Italian and foreign artists between the XV and XVI centuries are displayed along the gallery and in the other stunning rooms. Pinturicchio, Cosmè Tura, Carracci, Guido Reni, Tintoretto, Salvator Rosa, Bronzino, Guercino, Veronese, Vanvitelli are only a few of the numerous artists whose works you can admire here.
Galleria Colonna is open to the public every Saturday from 9.00 a.m to 1.15 p.m. The entrance is  via della Pilotta, 17. Reservations can be made by calling +39 06 6784350 or writing to

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