Trevi and the Saint Francis complex museum

Trevi and the Saint Francis complex museum

Trevi is located in East central Umbria, between Foligno and Spoleto
and rises on the slopes of Monte Serano, perched on a hill painted with olive trees.
This small town is included in the list « The Most Beautiful Villages of Italy”, owing to its cultural and artistic heritage. You’ll find many wonderful small places to eat.  Nothing but the hyper-local fare on their menus.
Churches, towers, and palaces give a noble silhouette to the town.
Trevi offers evidence of its Roman origins in the mighty town walls (1st century BC) that encircle the historical center. The three city gates: Porta del Bruscito, Porta del Cieco, Porta S. Fabiano and the archway, Arco del Mostaccio date back to the Middle Ages.
From the walls that enclose the town starts the Passeggiata, a magnificent avenue 800 metres long, perfect for a walk while enjoying the striking panorama over the valley below.
The San Francesco art collection is an essential  stop on a visit to the village. Housed in the ancient Franciscan convent bearing the same name, it became a museum in 1996 and today includes the Antiquarium, the Art gallery, the church of San Francesco, and the Museum of the Olive-Tree civilization.

The convent of San Francesco was built in the 13th century then rebuilt and decorated in the first half of the 17th century, with an outer cloister frescoed by Bernardino Gagliardi with stories from the life of St Francis.
The Art Gallery houses works of extraordinary historical and artistic interest from the medieval and Renaissance periods.
The iconostasis cross of the early fourteenth century and the monumental organ built by Paolo Pietro di Paolo di Montefalco are remarkable and worth a visit. In 1500 this organ was defined as “a very rare and precious surviving example of what used to be called a wall organ during the Renaissance”

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