Episode 6


Alessandra heads to Lazio to explore Rome and its magnificent surroundings.


Lazio Travel Tips

  • Pay attention when you cross the road in Rome. Drivers tend not to stop, even at crossings.

  • Check public transportation availability in Rome on Friday. It’s often a strike day.

  • Visit Viterbo during “San Pellegrino in Fiore” when the Medieval Center is decorated in flowers and animated by parades.

  • Take a swim in Bracciano’s Lake, near Oriolo Romano. You can enjoy a meal afterwards at one of the local fish restaurants on the water.

  • Plan your visit by the day of the week. Museums and select restaurants close in Rome and its province on Mondays.

  • Use private cars with drivers or take a taxi. Uber isn’t reliable in Rome, especially from the airport.

  • If you want to visit the Vatican Museums, book the date and buy the ticket online on the official website site: http://www.museivaticani.va/ content/museivaticani/it.html There is no commission and the prices are really reasonable. That’s what I did!

  • Galleria Borghese hosts one of the most amazing art collections in Rome including Raffaellos, Correggio, and Caravaggio. You can also admire the famous Paolina Borghese’s statue by Canova. It’s a breathtaking place! Buy your ticket directly on galleriaborghese.beniculturali.it

Alessandra heads to Lazio to explore Rome and its magnificent surroundings. If you’re hankering to see the life of Italian royals, Alessandra ventures into Palazzo Colonna where Prince Colonna and his family have lived for centuries. Off to meet eccentric artist, Luigi Serafini, who invented a language to describe his fantasy world! Next stop: Viterbo, a perfect day trip destination, to meet Marco Guglielmi and tour his ancient mint, where he makes handmade coins like they did in the Middle Ages. Her trail leads next to Oriolo Romano, another beautiful village, where local chef, Andrea Cagnetti, guides Alessandra through a ghost village immersed in a natural park and shares her delicious food full of tradition, innovation and local ingredients. Finally, she heads to Genazzano, a small village set on a verdant hill 50 km from the capital to meet Gianni Berardi, a leather artisan whose love for the traditional and regional music led him to build his own instrument, the Tamburella, now famous all over Italy. Time to dance the night away with Gianni and his band as they play their entrancing music.

Follow Alessandra as she seeks out the real Italy. All of which you can visit!

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