Episode 4


Alessandra heads to the Veneto region, made popular by the fabulous jewel of a city, Venice.


Veneto Travel Tips

  • Take the route I took to Chioggia from Venice, if you’d like. Jump on water bus (line 6 and 2) and then get bus 11 to Chioggia which will also get on another ferry boat. It will take around an hour and a half of travel time. You can stay overnight and enjoy the good, affordable fish restaurants.

  • Take part in one of the most exclusive parties in the world, “The Ballo dell Associazione Internazionale del Carnevale.” It’s expensive, but worth it. For more info and to buy tickets, visit veneziaopera-tickets.eu

  • Rent a costume at Atelier Pietro Longhi for Carnival, if you’d rather not pack one in your suitcase. They have great options with reasonable prices.

  • Take public transportation to reach Murano from Venice. The quickest way to go is by taking ACTV’s line 4.2 water bus from Fondamente Nove. When you reach Murano, get off at Colonna to see a glassblowing demonstration or Museo.

  • Visit the Archimede Seguso glass factory and Museum.

  • Enjoy a local aperitivo with Aperol Spritz! Go to Campo Santa Margherita, at “the Rosso” to get the cheapest and best spritz in Venice. Look for the red tent, and you’ll surely find it.

Alessandra heads to the Veneto region, made popular by the fabulous jewel of a city, Venice. What a better way to kick off the trip than to meet chef Gigi Cassan in the ancient market to buy fresh ingredients for the most lavish party in the world, “The Ballo del Doge.”  Set in a palace from the 1500s, Gigi’s dishes are enjoyed by eccentric guests in extravagant costumes. Next stop: Chiaoggia or “little Venice,” where Alessandra strolls the canals, visits the fish market and watches Giorgio Boscolo make a local handcrafted clay pipe. Then she heads to the island of Murano where Gino Seguso, the son of one the greatest glass artists of the XIX century, shares his family’s passion for the traditional work. And finally, it’s off to see Raffaele Dessì, who left his job as an architect to dedicate himself to studying and re-enacting historical dances.

Follow Alessandra as she seeks out the real Italy. All of which you can visit!

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