Episode 3


Alessandra heads to the verdant hills and picturesque villages of Umbria.


Umbria Travel Tips

  • Remember, if you drive to Perugia, the city centre has a Traffic Zone Limit. It’s best to leave your car in a parking lot on the way and to take a lift.

  • Book in advance to visit the private park, La Scarzuola. Reserve by email at info@lascarzuola.com.

  • Plan your visit around the first week of May to experience The Calendimaggio Festival in Assisi. Visit www.calendimaggioassisi.com for more info.

  • Visit the Duomo in Foligno, and don’t miss the Palazzo Trinci. It still maintains its original frescos from the Middle Ages.

  • Take a swim or enjoy the sunset by the water at one of the villages on the coast of Trasimeno’s lake. There are many wonderful, small places to enjoy hyper-local fare.

  • Visit Trevi on your way to Assisi. It’s worth the trip, not only for its historical and artistic heritage, but also because it’s the city of olive oil! Enjoy a local oil mill tour with an oil tasting and a meal.

  • Next Calendimaggio festival will take place in Assisi from the 5th - 8th of May 2021. More info at calendimaggiodiassisi.com, not to be missed if you are in Umbria!

Alessandra heads to the verdant hills and picturesque villages of Umbria. First stop, Trevi, a small hilltop village carpeted in greenish grey olive trees, Alessandra meets Claudio Pinchi, who like his ancestors, makes organs for churches as well as brings ancient instruments back to life. Then it’s off to Assisi, one of Italy’s most famous cities, for front row seats to the most colorful and rich medieval festival! Up next, hidden in the countryside of Terni province, Alessandra visits La Scarzuola, an architectural wonderland reflecting the esoteric beliefs of the Milanese architect Tommaso Buzzi, now joined by his nephew, Marco Solara. Then, it’s off to Perugia, to visit a 14th-century palace and meet Maddalena Forenza, who, like the five generations before her, makes stained glass windows of rare beauty. And last, but certainly not least, Alessandra will visit a remote farm stay in Corciano, where Enrico Rufini, a doctor, will share his passion for traditional cooking with local ingredients.

Follow Alessandra as she seeks out the real Italy. All of which you can visit!

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